Hey hey!
We’re entering Autumn with a new single and video for a song called  Brainstorm.

” A song written with a thought about who we were growing up and realizing that we never really stop growing. We’re still sometimes misunderstood and lost, but that’s life. And at the end, it’s all gonna be alright.”

The song was first heard last year in play called Vihar v glavi, directed by Primož Ekart. It was then enlisted onto the acoustic album Izštekani: Koala Voice. But the journey didn’t end there. It continued with a movie called Unstill, directed by Andraž Kadunc, who then later also directed the offical video for the song.

You can watch the video by clicking the photo bellow!

Foto: Saša Huzjak

There it is! The first single from our newest record Woo Horsie is here!


“A song to which it’s allowed to dance, but most of all forget about everything just for a moment and realise that in fact everything is not that bad. Even though we sometimes barely keep up with all the things and people rushing around us”

The video was produced by Studio 7 and directed by Mark Pirc.

You can watch it by clicking on the photo below.

We closed the summer and opened autumn with two singles and with a double dose of videos.

Today we are releasing our song Remain Silent twice, in two interpretations.
In the first one Lara Ostan is dancing somewhere in Denmark and in the second one Alja Lackovič in Vrhnika.

” quick handshake, quick hugs, quick emotions and fast relationships. One day I see you and I tell you everything I think, and then I never feel the same again. What does silence say, what you say with it?”

1. Remain Silent / Acoustic

2. Remain Silent / Wolkenfabrik


We got something last night!
Doesn’t really look like a flute and it’s not really made of gold, but nevertheless it is very nice to hear and receive an award as  performer of the year 2017.
Thank you so very much! We appreciate that we found ourselves among the prize winners of the Golden flute / Zlata piščal, and that our story too has been noticed.

Go Koala Voice go



The »Izštekani« album was born in april 2018 in the cult eponyomus show hosted by Jure Longyka on Val 202 radio. The release of the album, which is already available in all online music shops, is announced by an acoustic version of our song Frida Nipl.

The story with studio 26 on radio Slovenia has been going on from our very beginning. There we played our first »media« gig in 2015, where we presented our first album Kangaroo’s a Neighbour. We did a similar concert last year with our second album Wolkenfabrik, april 2018 was the time for an acoustic challenge.

»When I first heard Koala Voice on the radio I instantly had a flash of rock and roll history from the 60s to the 80s going through my mind. Their music was filled with new wave resorection of the millenium. They are delivering the heart of rock and roll and when you hear them, it’s the love at first sight.« said Jure Longyka.

Among the 11 songs are also Brainstorm, Frida Nipl and Early Bird, which so far weren’t put on any record. There is also a cover of a song Ledena Ledena  by the famous Slovenian rock group Siddharta, which we played for the first time in December 2017 at Izštekanih 10 concert at Kino šiška.

Song list:

  1. Introduction
  2. Dirty Koala
  3. Oxygen Thief
  4. Sierra
  5. Vede premikanja
  6. Talk About It
  7. Remain Silent
  8. Frida Nipl
  9. Brainstorm
  10. Early Bird
  11. Ledena
  12. Wild Dancer
  13. Final thought

Izštekani album – Koala Voice is availible on these links:

Muzika.hr have chosen album Wolkenfabrik as one of Top5 regional releases in 2017. www.muzika.hr is one of the most active web music portals in ex-yu area. On their site you can find album and gig reviews, trailers, surveys, band presentations… We recommend this site for anyone who wants to know more about music scene on our area. If not anything else, at least check out some of the articles about us.

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