Koala Voice are howling at the moon
and this time, in the soft night, they invite you to howl with them.With a gentle, intricately memorable guitar riff, the Wolves sing of heartbreak and friendship. Just as they found themselves, Koala Voice reminds us of the beauty of each finding their own herd, or “wolf pack” over time.

 “Wolves are friends of mine … together we run through the night”

Martina Uzelac took care of the acquired animated imagery of the song. An artist based in Zagreb who can be praised for her collaboration with music groups such as Seine, Denis Katanec Clinic, Dimitrije Dimitrijević, Žen and others.

“Wolves, koalas, it doesn’t really matter. It is important to know that you are not alone. «
says the Zasavje region quartet, for the end.

You can find the video here