New song and video!


Heyo! Here it is! New single from our upcoming album! 

All that we know is that we are spinning. All together and each on our own.»You are Vertigo.«

»We’re all just playing around, until one day we die and then the sun explodes in tears and the people scatter. He held her hand while they ran and did not let go when it caught them. She built a totem from a person and so a butterfly was formed from metal. All is good, I’m not hungry and you’re not thirsty, it’s just that there were news about bombing on the radio for far too long and the kids got restless. We’re fighting against giant windmills. They blew of my hat and your dress. We now stand naked, judged by the world.« Are the first words of the song.


Click on the photo and check out the new video.

The video was made by  the lovely team of Warehouse collective.


More news about the new album coming soon!