We are very happy to announce we released a new song yesterday!

The Bigger The City

You can listen to it here.

And you can watch the video by clicking on the photo below.

Thanks to everyone creating The Bigger The City with us.
Thank you to Jure Vlahovič, Igor Perić, Laura Lavrič Cascio, Studio Metro, Nika
yours truly,
koala voice – Manca Trampuš, Domen Don Holc, Tilen Prašnikar, Miha Prašnikar


We are very grateful for your support also by buying Koala Voice merchandice.
Our stocks ran low, so we decided to make a new edition of Koala Voice socks and Postapokaliptični svet / Postapocaliptic world T- shirts.
You can find it all in our webstore and on our live shows.
See you around,

yours, Koala Voice

The last single of the 4th upcoming album Plata is here!
A spacy, dancy song questioning who to give out time, who to let close, what is real, who is fake. Realising we are good on our own, but when we are together, sharing all the ups and the downs, some things are just easier.
Accompanied with fun mistery murder inspired music video made by Film Factory from Maribor.
Get the song here 
Check out the video:

Koala Voice are howling at the moon
and this time, in the soft night, they invite you to howl with them.With a gentle, intricately memorable guitar riff, the Wolves sing of heartbreak and friendship. Just as they found themselves, Koala Voice reminds us of the beauty of each finding their own herd, or “wolf pack” over time.

 “Wolves are friends of mine … together we run through the night”

Martina Uzelac took care of the acquired animated imagery of the song. An artist based in Zagreb who can be praised for her collaboration with music groups such as Seine, Denis Katanec Clinic, Dimitrije Dimitrijević, Žen and others.

“Wolves, koalas, it doesn’t really matter. It is important to know that you are not alone. «
says the Zasavje region quartet, for the end.

You can find the video here