This Slovenian quartet quickly made a name for themselves with joyous, carefree
indie punk, full of killer riffs and fun, infectious, melodies. After their debut album
Kangaroo’s a neighbour (2014), that was followed by Wolkenfabrik (2017), they’ve
delivered their best collection of music to date with their latest album Woo Horsie
(2018). Ten glorious songs than confront real life and the themes that Millennials are
having to deal with – “being broke, being heartbroken, but keeping on believing”.

That belief – that despite the state of the world, those coming of age now are
smarter, and determined to do better – informs much of Woo Horsie; defiance mixed
with a youthful bravado that’s seen them earn a support slot with the legendary Pixies
in Ljubljana, and play numerous festivals all over Europe such as Liverpool Sound
City, Tallinn Music Week, Bush Budapest, Pohoda, and Exit, Inmusic, wowing critics and fans
After Woo Horsie and great success of their song Ker tu je se tako lepo, Koala
Voice are served us you their 4th studio album Plata, released on 25th of June 2021.
The album was introduced to the audience trought singles Vertigo, Vukovi and Spaghetiffication, all very nicely received by their fans.
Plata is s mixture of indie, pop, stoner, rock, country and disco. It is yet another versatile
album playing with English, Slovenian and Serbo-Croatian tunes. 13 songs reflecting
a time filled with searching for answers of the everlasting questions about love,
friendships and heartbreak, finding the answers in little moments of happiness.
Singing about things that hurt a little, silly plants, showers, worried men, wolves and
tornados, with Plata, Koala Voice are letting you find a piece of yourself through their

Koala Voice are: Manca Trampuš, Miha Prašnikar, Domen Don Holc, Tilen Prašnikar

Photo: Marijo Zupanov