It’s been three years since Kangaroo’s a Neighbour was released. And now we feel it’s time to share with you the world we’ve been living in since then. The new album, Wolkenfabrik, is a reflection on our journey. It follows the steps we’ve taken from Ljubljana to Kisovec, Moscow, Liverpool, Tallin, Warsaw and Groningen. For us, it feels like an entire decade’s experience has been squeezed into just a few short years, and the new album presents the development in our musical thinking and our view of the world. This journey, combined with our commitment to production quality took us to the incredible producer Danton Supple (Morrissey, Patti Smith, Ian Brown, Soulsavers, …), who we worked with to create this album. We’re holding the official launch party at Cvetličarna Ljubljana on 26th October. Will you be joining us?

Tickets are available .