Wolkenfabrik as Top5 on Muzika.hr

Muzika.hr have chosen album Wolkenfabrik as one of Top5 regional releases in 2017. www.muzika.hr is one of the most active web music portals in ex-yu area. On their site you can find album and gig reviews, trailers, surveys, band presentations… We recommend this site for anyone who wants to know more about music scene on our area. If not anything else, at least check out some of the articles about us.

More info:
TOP 5 of 2017: http://www.muzika.hr/pregled-2017-najbolja-regionalna-izdanja/
Album Review: http://www.muzika.hr/albumi/koala-voice-wolkenfabrik/
Koala Voice mentions: http://www.muzika.hr/?s=koala+voice